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Dr Matt Smith and Dr Emily Colvin
Address:   729 Old Frontenac Square
  St Louis, Mi  63131
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Office:   314-395-4934
Company/Employer:   Thrive for Life Chiropractic
Title/Position:   Holistic Physican/Chiropractor
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"At Thrive for Life we believe the body has the ability to heal itself and function optimally. This is only true if there is nothing interfering with that process. Our focus as specialists is to find the cause of the interference and or imbalance and do everything we can to correct it, allowing the body to once again heal itself and thrive! We do not claim to treat conditions or cure disease; we are simply working to support and restore the body’s natural healing abilities."

Our holistic approach incorporates Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, and Personal Training.

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